Distertation Topic Decided

OK. So I’ve finally decided what my topic is. And I am glad that I reconsidered my topic as I’ve known that it’s important to choose a topic/question that is interesting and fairly easy to research + something that I find engaging. 
This is an engaging question because everybody has got an opinion about school education. We’ce all been there and liked it more or less. 
Today is debated increasingly about kids with problems, not fulfilling the targets set out by government and education authorities. Kids stab each other and drug taking is staring at a earlier age by the day… at least it seems.
I will look into what creativity is in order to answer my question and also look at why the school is constructed the way it is. What I’ve heard thus far the school system is ultimately based in philosopher Plato and some other greek mythology. It was changed rapidly around industrialization to meet the demands of society. Technology requires education and know-how to use it. That knowledge was often practical, as for the farmers. Although I heard on the radio in Sweden where a test was made. An IQ-test was performed on farmers and industrial workers at the age of 20. They then tested them again at an older age only to find out that the ‘stupid’ farmer had retained his IQ, whereas the industrial workers had decreased their IQ rate by monotone work. The farmers undertook work that requires ‘thinking’ and initiative was essential. The brain is like a muscle, but if you don’t get to exercise that muscle in the way you could and perhaps want, then you are limited.
I want to look at those limits, the limitations of school and disregard to some young peoples way of learning. Maybe is it here that we hold the key to the solution of the growing youth problem in especially U.K and America.